Unique sound and shape that is Poldauer Shoulder Pad has been created by Katharina Reichstaller, a 30-year veteran member of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, and Dr. Martina Spaeth, a chemist and an amateur violinist, who have spent 11 years in its development.

This product, consisting of four sizes to suit each individual's body type, assists a natural posture for the performer to play comfortably, and compensates for the shortcomings of existing shoulder rests that absorb or transform sounds, helping the instrument have excellent carrying power.

It also allows the player to play the G string and D string at a less difficult angle to the right arm, enabling the player to express the sound more freely and comfortably with left-handed techniques. The two women named the product "Poldauer" after Leopold Auer, a renowned professor and violinist.

Maxim Vengerov, Christian Tetslaff, and Christoph Poppen. And it is only available at Sooyoung Art Trade.